Hip Arthroscopy Caregiver Protocol
As your friend or family member recovers from hip arthroscopy, familiarizing yourself with the current protocol for Dr. Maynard’s hip arthroscopy patients will aid in the recovery time. Download the Hip Arthroscopy Caregiver Protocol >>>

Understanding Hip Instability
Your hip has x-ray and examination that shows us it is a “loose” fit between the ball and socket. Some hips are this way because they developed abnormally and either the ball is not round or the socket formed too shallowly or both. Other hips have a more normal socket depth and the ligaments (soft tissues that connect bones of a joint together) or cartilage (labrum cartilage) are damaged or too elastic (stretchy). Learn more today about pain management and your treatment options. Download Understanding Hip Instability >>>

Hip Therapy Philosophy
Patients of Dr. Maynard follow a scheduled series of appointments and physical therapy sessions. Learn more about this philosophy and your road to recovery. Download Philosophy of Hip Therapy: Principles >>>

Postoperative Timeline for Hip Arthroscopy
Understanding your abilities and demands post surgery is an important step in recovery. Dr. Maynard details week-by-week instructions for his hip arthroscopy patients. Download Postoperative Timeline for Hip Arthroscopy >>>