Our patients may come to us for the same reasons, but their treatments will be as unique as they are.

Patients want less pain and to live the daily life they’re used to – and that’s exactly what we give them.

Dr. Robert Fada is our Director of Joint Replacement and Revision. Through his expertise and guidance, and by utilizing the most advanced technology and techniques available, we help return patients to the quality of life they want.

Dr. Fada currently sees patients at all three of our Central Ohio locations.


There are many kinds of patients that see Dr. Fada. Some have worked hard all their lives and have developed joint pain due to arthritis or other disorders, while some older patients may have recently experienced a traumatic injury, such as a fractured hip from a fall. Dr. Fada also sees many former competitive athletes who are seeking pain relief from enduring years of strenuous use.


Some patients need a conservative non-surgical treatment, while others may require surgical intervention. In either case, Dr. Fada works to restore patients to their normal daily activities and, often, a pain-free life.